The Relationship Resolutions Every Couple Should Make For 2020

New Year can be about another year gone by or the one that is yet to come. Eventually, most people end up with some resolution; it does not matter if it is said or unsaid. The hardest ones are those about habitual neglect or regret. The busy schedule of life often makes you ignore your own needs, do something regrettable or neglect a loved one.

Well, you are not going anywhere, but the vulnerable bond of love between you and your partner might not be as patient, especially in 2020 i.e. the end of another decade. Hence, you and your partner ought to hold on to each other and the following resolutions can help.

Relate with Resolve
You can only have a relationship as long as you relate with one another. You can only relate with one another as long as you see each other as a human being capable of making mistakes and the wrong choices. Relating to one another also requires determination i.e. the resolve to persist. The only caution is to make it about the couple as you relate with your partner, and not about you and how you stay put despite all the differences.

Show Gratitude and Respect
Being respectful and thankful is no rocket science. As social animals, it is ingrained into our behavior. Are you not amazed about being in a relationship? Maybe it is a little slow and dull right now, but you have a million good things to remind yourself about your partner. Thank them for all these things at the opportune moments, especially the ones that only you have observed. Respect the privilege of love and this shared life. It’s not about patronizing, but a simple gesture or a conversation that respects the time and effort of your partner. As you persist, garnish it with a bit of love.

As a couple, one might find it hard to find the right balance between “giving space” and “sharing time”. Are you one of those people who struggle with this simple, yet unmanageable problem? Well, you already have a mutual understanding that needs no advice, just a bit of awareness. You know what they possibly want, even when they want to change. Now try and give it to them during your shared time. Be accessible as well as someone who is willing to give space. The key is to persist without any pressure and optimize. A good trick is to identify little things that hint you to pull them out of a “lonely mood” or to let them be while preparing something the both of you would love when they reconnect. After all, where else can your partner have the freedom to think or express?

Invest Your Time & Trust
Relationships need time and trust. Give the benefit of the doubt, allow the delay and foster a mutual sincerity with the firm belief that “Relationships grow stronger with time and trust”. People invest time and trust into jobs, stocks, affiliations, fandom etc. without a hint of reward for years and years. A CEO, celebrity or sportsperson can only comprehend your investment in insignificant numbers; your partner can comprehend your entire existence. Invest your time and trust in your partner. If you are having doubts, do not focus on what you don’t want, but on what you desire most.

Don’t Prescribe to Presumptions
People change and people can change. True, a lot remains the same but loved ones can see the change. Couples influence each other on a conscious and subconscious level while carrying a ton of presumptions about each other. You accepted each other as you were, but the hidden promise was to accept each other as you are i.e. the most factual basis to achieve what you want to be. This is only possible if you let go of your presumptions about each other. Carry each moment with persistence to gain mutual understanding, even when you know everything about each other. Time and circumstance always carry an element of surprise.

Listen & Learn
Religious people find new meaning in the same text; Music lovers find a new tune in the same song; Sports enthusiasts find new purpose in the same team and cooks discover new flavors in the same recipe. There is always something amazing to discover and you can do it by being a good listener. Listen and the learning will come naturally.

Fulfill your innate desire and learn your partner, even in the same routine. Introducing Lushka sex toys and stimulants will go a long way in helping with this.

Contemplate and Clarify
Relationships need contemplation. Your partner must be in your head as well as your heart, with no exceptions. Most conflicts between the head and the heart are self-created and self-imposed. Do not create this trap for yourself in 2020. Give your relationship some thought. It is highly probable that you will realize things that you need to clarify. Once you do, do not wait. This is not just about 2020. When it comes to love, life and relationships, it is best to contemplate and clarify.

The Lushka Team

A Fight against the tights and chafing (#Tightsmustfall)

It is common knowledge that all human beings experience chafing over their lifetime.

Chafing refers to the irritation of skin caused by repetitive friction, usually generated through skin to skin contact of multiple body parts (Wikipedia).

It has been scientifically proven that 1 in every 5 people experience chafing. Most people are not informed that chafing can be prevented.

The common causes of chafing are:

Sweating (Exercise)

Are you a gym lover? Or do you pull of a 10km run every morning before going to work or school?

When you engage in vigorous activity chances of chafing are increased due to increased friction when you sweat, the moist skin is more prone to damage.

Salt crystals form when sweat evaporates, adding grit that can cause more friction and chafing.

A chafed area becomes painful, As the skin becomes soft and tender it becomes damaged causing pain and discomfort.

The type of clothes you wear

Certain clothes provide a thin film or layer that allows your body parts to consistently rub against each other. Examples include thin leggings, trousers, skirts and shorts. Hours or periods in such clothing can result in chafing. Clothing chafing also extends to the cuts you experience when wearing a bra, prone to women with larger breasts. Possible solution to this is wearing thick breathable clothing or changing clothes on regular intervals. But why limit your fashion style when the solution to your problem is at your fingertips?

Exposure to heat and humidity

Heat and humidity are anyone’s worst enemy when it comes to chaffing. This is a common problem during the hot summers and more humid months of the year. When this happens, the skin gets irritated because of constant friction. The constant accumulation of sweat fuels this effect.

How to solve it

Possible solutions to prevent chafing include using baby powder, petroleum jelly or wearing wick free clothing or the all-time favourite tights under dresses. These solutions have a number of limitations, they require constant reapplication, limit your sense of freedom and fashion.

At Lushka, we believe that when it comes to preventing chafing, you need more than the traditional methods. This is why we created Lushka’s Anti Chafe (purchase details below)

Our cream creates a semi-permeable membrane on your skin to protect it from chafing and blistering. It’s specially formulated ingredients prevent your skin from rubbing against each other, therefore reducing the risk of chafe-causing friction. It’s non-greasy, easy to apply, and lasts for hours.

It has been tested under the harshest of conditions: trialled by ultra-marathon runners during the comrades marathon, used during the Limpopo summers, used in the humid conditions of Dar es Salaam and Durban. Simply put, wearing tights under you dress is a thing of the past!

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4 Great Date ideas for you and your boo

Tired of the typical dinner date or movie ideas? Want to reignite the spark whilst having fun? Why don’t you try these 4 great date ideas to reignite the spark in your relationship.

If you feel and look great you will definitely ensure that the spark is reignited between you and partner. That’s why before heading out check out Lushka’s extensive range of phero based body products to give you that ultimate confidence and keep your partner intoxicated by your presence.

Sing Karaoke

Want to laugh yourself silly and have inexpensive fun? Try karaoke night. Who knows, you might discover a new talent.

Play Adventure Golf

A bit of competition and the open air will definitely get vibe going.

Cooking together

Pick a new reciepe and work together trying out your cooking skills.

Game night

Find a restaurant or coffee house with board games. You can sip on wine and have a bit of fun.